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More than 300 people from more than 50 countries are using this app to check their food expiration dates.

Have you ever forgotten to eat a food item before its expiration date?

Throwing away food because it has expired is a practice to avoid if you want to reduce food waste.

This simple app helps you avoid forgetting to consume foods that are about to expire. Using it is simple: just record each food item along with its expiration date and you will always have a table reminding you which foods are going to expire!


- Display a list with food expiration dates in ascending order of time

- Add, edit and delete items

- Notifications


Open Source

Food Expiration Dates is an open source project developed by Lorenzo Vainigli and other contributors.
The code of this application is published under the MIT license and it's available on GitHub. Anyone can contribute to the development.

Proud to be contributor of this app. 🩷

Aditya Kumdale on X

Loved By Users

Amazing work!! Thats what I call an innovation and smart approach to solve real life problems. Cheers 🍻

Harsh jha on X

Simple, functional and graphically very clean. I have been looking for an app to mark product expirations without any frills for a long time. Really good work, looking forward to the implementations in the next updates.

Mario on Google Play

Very handy, very simple and therefore very practical and functional.

Ugo on Google Play

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